Feather – High Profile

Feather – High Profile

Feather disposable microtome knives represent a great innovation in microtomy. These advanced knives are the result of extensive R&D. State of the art feather sharpening technology gives blades unsurpassed cutting performance. The disposable blade design eliminates troublesome grinding for speedier sectioning of specimens.

Feather microtome high profile is specially suited for ribbon sectioning with rotary microtome.

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Product Description

Superior cutting performance
Highly durable
Eliminates grinding
Higher operating efficiency
For thin sectioning of paraffin embedded tissue blocks
Specially suited for ribbon sectioning with rotary microtome
Stainless steel
Resin coating. Platinum spattering
Dimension(mm): 0.31(t) x 14 (w) x 75.7 (l)
Edge angle of 35°